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Put a Stop to Pesky Water Leaks | SERVPRO® of Pewaukee & Sussex

5/9/2023 (Permalink)

 img src =”bucket” alt = " blue bucket in the middle of the living area catching water falling from the ceiling ” > Think you may have water damage in your home? Here are some tips from SERVPRO of Pewaukee & Sussex to find the source.

Water damage can be really troublesome for homeowners. Even just an inch of water can cause large-scale disasters and can be costly to recover from. Whether it be a small leak that goes unnoticed for a long time or a singular incident like a flood, water damage is a constant threat.

Because water damage can occur in a variety of ways, it is important to familiarize yourself with where it is most likely to occur.

Learn more about where water damage can occur in your Pewaukee area home below.

Your rooftop. Your roof works hard day in and day out to keep you safe and dry. But sometimes, a gap or missing shingle is all it takes to cause a water leak.

Since we don’t often get up on our roofs on a daily basis, these issues could be missed and not noticed until it is already too late.

A leak that is left to, well, leak, will keep causing damage until it is stopped. The water will seep down into your ceiling, walls and floors and will continue to cause water damage behind your walls. If that happens, mildew and mold growth are not far away.

In your bathroom. In addition to your roof, your bathrooms are also another common place for water damage to occur. The frustrating thing about our bathrooms is that there are many places that could produce water damage here. Sinks, toilets, showers and tubs constantly have water flowing through them.

Be proactive about investigating new puddles or a spot on your floor that always seems to be wet. Even a hole the size of a pinhead along a water line can cause widespread issues eventually. It is also important to ensure that you dry out your bathroom by running your fan or opening a window to reduce lingering moisture.

It’s better to be too thorough than not thorough enough! Don’t overlook the importance of regular routine maintenance and checking your water lines often.

Your water-reliant appliances. We love having access to appliances like dishwashers and washing machines only a few steps away in our homes. It definitely makes daily tasks and chores easier. However, they can also make your daily life miserable if you come home to a flooded utility room or water all over your kitchen floor.

Preventing water damage due to your appliances takes a bit more investigative work. Since we don’t often (or ever) pull our bulky or heavy appliances away from the wall, a water leak can easily go unnoticed behind or beneath your appliances.

Do your best to check under and behind them often for signs of water, and certainly dig deeper if you discover a puddle of water on your floor for no apparent reason. In addition, replace your dated appliances regularly to ensure you are providing your home with the most reliable equipment. If you do still end up suffering water damage in your home, SERVPRO of Pewaukee & Sussex can help you with a speedy cleanup.

Dealing with a water emergency? Our SERVPRO specialists can be on the scene of the disaster ASAP to restore your water-damaged home!

We Train So You Can Rest Easy | SERVPRO® of Pewaukee & Sussex

5/4/2023 (Permalink)

 img src =”team” alt = " group of 3 SERVPRO reps standing near a green semi truck at a work site ” > Is your home or business in need of restoration? SERVPRO of Pewaukee & Sussex is ready to help you recover around the clock.

Owning a home can sometimes take a lot of work! In addition to daily tasks like cleaning and routine maintenance, you can also be overwhelmed by accidents or disasters at a moment’s notice. When this happens, choosing who to help you recover from the damage is important.

In these situations, choosing a professional restoration team can help take the pressure off of your shoulders. But you need to make the right choice! Choosing a provider with less overall experience and training can leave you with more problems than what you started with.

Thankfully, the choice can be easy with SERVPRO of Pewaukee & Sussex in your neighborhood. We are proud to offer our community the latest and most advanced restoration techniques. Our training and certification process will be your answer to any home damage situation that you face!

We Take Training Seriously

We want to be the best in the business, and that takes work! That’s why we align our trainings to follow the IICRC standards. These standards help us learn the latest and greatest restoration and cleaning processes through courses like:

  • water damage restoration
  • fire damage restoration
  • mold remediation
  • carpet and upholstery and cleaning

Additionally, we train through certifications that each of our employees can take to further their skill sets. These certification trainings are self-paced and tailored to each of our staff members to help encourage them to retain the information better.

We Are Always in the Pursuit of Knowledge

We don’t stop learning and training after we are onboarded onto the SERVPRO team! The initial training is certainly important, but we continue to take education classes and e-learning courses to sharpen our skills and learn something new. Any updates or changes to current best practices can further our ability to help you, and that’s always a priority.

When it comes to home damage, we know that no two situations are the same, so we train as much as we can to respond in the right way for your specific situation.

Since technology is always evolving, it’s important that we evolve along with it. If we learn about new equipment or processes, we can incorporate them into our restoration plans just for you.

Our Community Benefits From This Training

Having a reliable restoration company in town is such a benefit for you! It can make it really easy to recover from storm, water or fire damage because we are just down the road and we have the skill set to handle your damage.

Avoid the worry of an incomplete restoration from another company—just call SERVPRO of Pewaukee & Sussex today.

When you need help recovering from a disaster, SERVPRO is here for you. Get in touch 24/7 to start your disaster recovery.

Preventing Water Damage Caused by Your Appliances | SERVPRO® of Pewaukee & Sussex

4/11/2023 (Permalink)

img src =”water heater” alt = " a blue and white hot water heater showing signs of a water leak ” > Have water damage in your home from an appliance? SERVPRO of Pewaukee & Sussex is always on call ready to help.

Water is critical for our day-to-day tasks. Cooking dinner, running a load of laundry, washing our hands and even grabbing ice out of your ice maker to chill your drink all require water! Because of that, there is always the risk of experiencing water damage in your home.

Commonly, water damage is caused by an appliance malfunction or issue that goes unnoticed. If it is left to linger, it can spread and cause all kinds of issues in your home.

Thankfully, many water damage scenarios can be prevented with a little attention to detail and dedication to your maintenance routine.

Investigate Right Away

The best way to prevent widespread water damage is to stop it from occurring in the first place! Every time you walk by an appliance that uses water, check the floor around it for puddles or water spots.

While some water issues are obviously noticeable, others can be harder to spot if they originate under your appliances. Don’t overlook the importance of regularly pulling your appliances away from the wall to clean and to check for water damage. Mold or water spots are good indicators of a water problem.

Another area that needs attention is your HVAC system! Ideally, it should be serviced by a professional every year to ensure it is in good working condition. In addition, you should check the vents often for signs of lingering moisture or for puddles on the floor.

Your water heater is also an appliance that is used every day in your home, so you need to stay on top of any maintenance and address emerging problems quickly.

Keep Your Appliances Running Smoothly

Preventing extensive damage is all about your attention to detail. The faster you notice a leak or a drip, the better chance you have at avoiding long-term issues!

Have your appliances maintained according to the manufacturer recommendations and replace parts as needed. Replacing parts like your hoses and tubes can be an easy and cost-effective way to prevent full appliance malfunctions. Any kinks or holes in your water lines can lead to a huge water disaster.

When choosing parts, go with the brands you trust and pick the highest quality parts. If it is within your budget, consider replacing your appliances every 10 to 15 years to ensure you have the most reliable technology in your house.

Stay on top of your appliance maintenance routine and be proactive against any issues you discover! These simple tips can help keep your home comfortable and dry.

Have water damage in your home from an appliance or another source? Our team is here to help, so call us day or night.

Prioritizing Fire Safety With Your Employees | SERVPRO® of Pewaukee & Sussex

3/27/2023 (Permalink)

img src =”extinguisher” alt = "two fire extinguisher hanging on a tan interior wall  ” > Dealing with the aftermath of a commercial fire? SERVPRO of Pewaukee & Sussex is your local restoration expert.

Disasters can occur at any point, and if you aren’t prepared to react quickly, it can be disastrous to you and your business. When it comes to fires, this is especially true!

If you and your employees are not trained properly on how to react to fire, it can leave you with widespread damages and can be dangerous to your staff.

It doesn’t matter if your business is right off of Pewaukee Lake or near Corporate Circle in Sussex! Fire can break out in any place at any time, so teaching your employees about fire safety and the importance of fire extinguishers is crucial.

Check out our tips on how to introduce fire safety below so you can create and implement your own plan with your crew.

Start Fresh

According to OSHA guidelines, all businesses that have a fire extinguisher on property are required to provide training on it to their employees. This includes training on how to use it, when to use it and how to tell the difference between types of extinguishers.

One of the best ways to do this is to encourage hands-on learning. Get out your fire extinguisher and let your employees practice putting out a fake fire. Teach how to aim, pull the pin and how to sweep over the flames. It is also important to enforce a six to eight foot distance between your employees and the fire.

A helpful way to get your employees to remember the steps is to introduce the acronym PASS. This can help your employees remember the steps can help stop a fire in its tracks, which in turn reduces the risk of widespread damage.

Introducing these concepts as you hire new employees is crucial, but don’t forget about your veteran employees! This training should be done annually for all members of your staff.

In addition, it is important to have a few trusted team members hold responsibilities for when a fire starts. Someone should be chosen to call 911, someone to fight the fire and someone to help usher out anyone in the building.

Prioritizing Safety

No matter what kind of business you run, the risk of fire is always present. Teach your employees the different kinds of fire situations they could be exposed to, ranging from a simple kitchen fire to a chemical fire. Ensure that your employees understand when to stop and seek safety as well.

Their safety should always be your top priority, so encourage your employees to make the right safety decisions during an emergency situation. Fires can get out of hand quickly, so it is OK to back away and head for the exit whenever your employees are not comfortable or don’t feel safe.

Protect your employees by giving them the knowledge they need to react appropriately in the face of a fire emergency. Check your fire extinguishers’ expiration dates, review training accordingly and be ready for anything that comes your way!

Dealing with the aftermath of a commercial fire? Our SERVPRO specialists can restore your losses and return your workplace to its pre-fire condition.

The Importance of Spring Weather Preparation | SERVPRO® of Pewaukee & Sussex

3/10/2023 (Permalink)

img src =”sky” alt = "dark stormy clouds forming into a spring storm ” > SERVPRO of Pewaukee & Sussex team is always here for you, if you experience any storm damage call us right away.

As spring weather is just within our grasp, it is important to start making the changes and preparations needed in order to keep your home dry and free of storm damage when the first spring thunderstorms come rolling in.

Storm damage can cause widespread issues really quickly throughout your home, so now is the time to address any issues that appeared over the winter season and get your home ready for the rain!

Keep It Flowing

Over the course of the winter season, any thaws we had may have felt nice, but they could have been contributing to ice buildup along your roof line and in your gutters. If your gutters can’t flow, water will back up onto your roof. Remove debris and clear the ice when you are able so your gutters can work properly for you.

If you haven’t been checking on your vents continually this winter, do it now! The vents leading outside from your furnace, dryer and even in your attic can become blocked or glazed over with ice or snow. Make sure you clear any blockages so the vents can do their job and simultaneously keep your family safe from danger.

It is also really important to do a thorough check of your outdoor water lines and faucets. Any exposed piping has the potential to freeze and expand if water was caught inside. If the expansion becomes too much, the pipe can burst and can be a massive water issue when the temperatures warm up.

Quickly Fix the Issues

If you do find any sort of damage around your home, now is the time to fix the problem! The longer you wait, the higher the risk of suffering severe damage. This includes inspecting your roof and doing any necessary repairs right away.

Look for missing shingles, broken gutters or visible damage due to a fallen tree or debris. It doesn’t take much for water to get into your attic and cause havoc throughout your house.

Get Ready for Impending Weather

With spring showers comes more rain, right? However the saying goes, we all know that springtime can be wet and rainy. If you have a sump pump in your home, make sure it is ready to work ahead of the first spring rainstorm. This can help keep your basement dry throughout the entire season and beyond.

In addition to preparing your home, make sure your family is prepared as well. Go over your storm safety plan and discuss where your safe shelter location is. If any boxes or storage items were put in this location for the winter, find a new home for them during this season. Finally, update and edit your emergency kit to reflect any changes to your family’s needs.

Remember, we are always here for you no matter what season it is! Just call SERVPRO of Pewaukee & Sussex if you experience water or storm damage, and we will work hard to return your home to its preloss state as fast and efficiently as we can.

Got water damage? We are here to help 247 and can restore your home quickly.

Common Causes of Water Damage in Commercial Buildings | SERVPRO® of Pewaukee & Sussex

2/28/2023 (Permalink)

img src =”mold” alt = "corner of interior wall showing signs of black mold from water damage” > Experienced water damage in your commercial building? SERVPRO of Pewaukee & Sussex can help you get dried out quickly.

Water is often the culprit when it comes to building damage. Since water is all around us and we use it every day, it is a constant threat to our businesses.

When you are a business owner or have a commercial property, it is important to catch any sort of leak or minor problem right away to avoid a large-scale disaster. The more proactive you can be when it comes to water issues, the better off your entire business will be.

Common Places for Water Issues

You never want to have your business shut down for any reason! It can affect your daily revenue and it can cost you thousands of dollars when it comes to the needed repairs.

It is important that you are proactive in checking these locations around your business or have your maintenance team do this from time to time to stop minor issues from causing widespread damage:

1. The roof. Roof leaks can occur at any point, but they are most common after a major storm. Rain and snow can get under your shingles and can leak down your walls. It is important to keep your gutters clear and try to keep snow off your roof to prevent ice issues from forming.

2. Bathrooms. Our bathrooms are one of the most used parts of our buildings! It is important to check the toilets and sink pipes often, as even a hole the size of a pinhead can account for nearly 15% of water loss in commercial buildings. Designate someone on your staff to check the pipe systems once a month or more to catch these issues.

3. Water heaters/HVAC/boilers. Water lines leading to and from any of your appliances are also locations for water troubles to begin. Water puddles are a good indication that something needs to be investigated, and any change in water pressure should have you figuring out the reason why.

Take Preventive Steps

The good news is that besides a natural disaster or major storm, most water damage can be prevented. Just take the preventive steps now to avoid the extensive damages later.

Coming up with a maintenance plan is a great first step. Having a plan in place to keep up with the required maintenance can stop an issue from even occurring in the first place. Our team can also help you create an Emergency Ready Plan for your commercial space so that if you do suffer a water disaster, you have a thorough plan for how to react to the damages.

In addition to being prepared, check on the spaces that use water throughout your building and make sure several other managers or staff members in charge understand how to turn off the water valves in your space. Remember that the faster you call us after discovering water damage, the quicker our SERVPRO of Pewaukee & Sussex team can help you recover.

Experienced water damage in your commercial building? Contact us to get dried out quickly.

Trust in SERVPRO to Handle Your Fire Disaster | SERVPRO® of Pewaukee & Sussex

2/9/2023 (Permalink)

img src =”fire” alt = "a small house completely engulfed in flames” > For quick repairs following a fire, get in touch with our team at SERVPRO of Pewaukee & Sussex.

Home disasters can happen during any season and at any point in time. While any type of home damage can be frustrating to deal with, house fires are particularly troublesome. Once a fire starts, it can spread quickly and get out of hand in minutes.

Recovering after a house fire can feel overwhelming for everyone in your household, but you can rest assured knowing that your SERVPRO of Pewaukee & Sussex team is ready to handle your recovery process from start to finish.

Check out our latest blog post below about our thorough response to house fire damage!

Making Contact

Keeping yourself and your family safe from danger should always be your first priority! When everyone is safe and accounted for, your first phone call should be to our team. We are ready and waiting 247 to respond to your call for help.

In our initial conversation, we will ask many questions to ensure we understand your unique situation as thoroughly as possible. This allows us to pack up our trucks with the equipment and tools necessary to help you fully recover!

Once we arrive in your driveway, we perform a full inspection of your home and the area that the fire affected to assess the severity and make sure the area is safe to be in.

Starting the Process

We work rapidly to make sure the damage doesn’t get any worse while we are working on your home. This can include boarding up windows, patching walls or laying tarps over exposed areas to keep out the elements and prevent more damage.

Our cutting-edge equipment helps us remove all the smoke and soot from every affected area, and we clean out any fire-damaged debris at this time as well. Once the surface area has been cleaned, we can get to work on removing odors and we can sanitize your entire space.

Don’t Forget the Restoration

Now it’s time for your home to return to its former glory! After your home is cleaned and sanitized, we can rebuild the parts that were damaged by the fire. We can replace drywall, paint walls and lay new carpet or flooring.

We can also rebuild entire sections of your house if your project requires it. Whatever you need in order to make the fire a distant memory, our SERVPRO of Pewaukee & Sussex can handle it.

For rapid repairs following a fire, get in touch with our team at SERVPRO of Pewaukee & Sussex! We will work as quickly as possible to return you to a safe and fully restored property.

Avoid House Fires While Heating Your Home | SERVPRO® of Pewaukee & Sussex

1/25/2023 (Permalink)

img src =”heater” alt = "a small electric heater in a living room” > Call SERVPRO of Pewaukee & Sussex if you experience any smoke, soot or fire damage.

There is no doubt about it! Winter is here.

Now that our furnaces have been working for a while and our fireplaces are becoming a staple in the evenings, it is important to be responsible with any source of heat in your home to prevent house fires. If you haven’t already done so, now is the perfect time to address any issues with your furnace or other methods of heat. Since we have already experienced a variety of winter storm watches and warnings this season, having a reliable source of heat is crucial.

If you ignore any issues or don’t maintain your equipment, you could be vulnerable to a house fire! No one wants to deal with that in the dead of winter, so check out our tips below and make these adjustments in your home.

Maintain Your Furnace

Most homes in the Midwest are equipped with a furnace and HVAC system that moves heat throughout the house. This major appliance needs to be maintained regularly.

It is important that you inspect your furnace seasonally to detect any issues or potential malfunctions, and you should give it a good cleaning to avoid excess dust or debris buildup.

You should also make it a priority to replace the air filter in your HVAC system at this time. Most homes can benefit from a new air filter every 90 days, and even more often if you have a large family or pets. Try to get into the habit of changing the filter at the beginning of every new season.

If you haven’t changed your air filter in a while, you may be shocked at how dirty it is! Your air filter works hard every day to keep dust, debris and allergens out of the air you breathe.

Keep Your Fireplace Clean

Both wood-burning and artificial fireplaces are a staple for many Wisconsin homeowners. They can provide an efficient way to heat your home while creating a cozy home environment.

However, fireplaces are a common cause of house fires! They need to be cleaned and maintained often to prevent a fire from occurring.

If your fireplace is wood-burning, clear out excess ash and regularly inspect your chimney to make sure it is free of blockages. It is also important to wipe off any soot and smoke stains on the bricks. If your fireplace is artificial, you need to get behind the glass and provide the logs and surrounding space a good cleaning to remove dust buildup.

The Convenience of Space Heaters

Space heaters are a great way to heat your home or small space quickly. However, they can heat up really quickly and can be fire hazards as well.

If you utilize a space heater in your home, make sure it is three feet away from any flammable materials in your home and always unplug it before going to bed. It is also important to note that space heaters need to be on a level surface when in use and should never be plugged into an extension cord.

Lastly, if you have small children or pets in your home, discuss the dangers of fire and always be present in the room with them if there is a fire or heat source in use.

If you experience fire damage this season, give us a call at SERVPRO of Pewaukee & Sussex for immediate assistance. We’re here 247 when you need us!

Protect Your Home From Water Damage in the New Year | SERVPRO® of Pewaukee & Sussex

1/10/2023 (Permalink)

img src =”water” alt = "water failing from a sink into a clogged drain” > Have water damage in your home? Contact SERVPRO of Pewaukee & Sussex for quick and professional restoration.

A new year means a whole new season of possibilities! It is the perfect time to plan for new projects and new goals. This year, we want to make sure you are prepared to prevent water damage to save you money and certainly a headache.

Water is one of the most common culprits for home damage. Since we use water in our everyday lives, the threat is almost constant.

<h3does-water-damage-start">Where Does Water Damage Start?

In order to fully understand how to prevent water damage, you have to know what could cause it. Outside the home, blocked gutters and a damaged roof can cause water issues, while large appliances like your dishwasher could cause water damage inside.

Old or rusty pipes or deteriorating caulking can also cause issues over time. It is important to address these troubles quickly to avoid leaks, mold growth or rotten walls.

As soon as you catch an emerging issue, take care of it right away! The longer you leave it unaddressed, the worse your problem could become.

<h3prevention-steps">Easy Prevention Steps

A lot of water damage is preventable, as long as you investigate issues early and take care of the problem thoroughly.

It just takes a little more in-depth work while you are going about your day! Get used to checking your bathrooms and kitchen for water stains or signs of mold. Give your air a sniff from time to time to check for the classic musty odor accompanying a mold problem.

You also need to set aside time to investigate around the exterior of your home and on your roof. Roof damage is an easy way for water to get into your home and leak down your attic and walls.

In the winter, our homes are vulnerable to the effects of snow and ice. Keep the air circulating through your home, keep snow and ice buildup off of your roof, and close up any drafty areas or gaps around your windows and doors.

Once the snow thaws, consider grading your yard! Moving the soil around your property can help slope your yard away from your foundation and can help you avoid a flooded basement. These simple steps can help you keep a dry home all year.

Have water damage in your home? Contact us for fast, professional restoration back to preloss condition.

Addressing Odor Problems in Your Home | SERVPRO® of Pewaukee & Sussex

1/3/2023 (Permalink)

< img src =”cleaning.jpg” alt = "a SERVPRO crew setting up machines to clean a kitchen " > If you experience an odor or any other damage inside your home, call SERVPRO of Pewaukee & Sussex day or night.

No job is too big for our highly trained restoration technicians, and that includes tackling any odor problems that you have in your home. Recovering from damages after a disaster can be frustrating enough without having to worry about any lingering issues like odor. That’s where we come in!

Every kind of home damage has the ability to cause lingering odors, from water damage to soot left behind from a fire.

Thankfully, we know how to successfully remove any odor from any surface! Check out our odor removal process below to learn more.

Odor Removal Methods

Each odor is different and comes with different cleanup challenges, so we follow our step-by-step procedure to ensure that we fully understand your specific situation. We can tackle airborne chemicals, gasses or tiny particles in the air.

Some of our removal agents are:

Masking agents. This is a method we can use to help make your home more pleasant to live in while we work on preparing a more in-depth method. Masking agents can be a good first step!

Filtration agents. Our absorption agents work on pulling the odor out of the carpet, floors and furniture. They can also suck the odor right out of the tiny particles in the air.

Disinfectants and sanitizers. A simple cleaning won’t always be effective, so we make sure to completely sanitize the area to prevent any fungus or bacteria from growing back.

Our Four Step Removal Process

When you call us to remove an odor in your home, here’s how it will go:

1. Remove the source. We jump into action to remove the source of the smell. If the cause is unknown, we work hard to identify it right away and remove it, along with anything else that was compromised near it.

2. Clean residue from surfaces. A thorough cleaning comes next! This ensures that every odor particle has been removed and every surface has been sanitized.

3. Recreate the odor-causing conditions. This is a special step that gives us the reassurance that we got everything out. A deodorizer is employed to recreate the environment where the odor originally occurred. For example, if smoke was your issue, we will use “deodorizing smoke.”

4. Seal exposed surfaces. If the odor is proving to be troublesome or isn’t responding to our initial efforts, we can seal off the affected area while we reassess and work on implementing other odor removal methods.

No matter what is causing your odor, we can get rid of it! Your SERVPRO of Pewaukee & Sussex team is here for you and your family day or night.

If you experience an odor or other damage inside your home or business, call us at any time, 247. We have the training and equipment to quickly get your property back in operation.