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Check Your Smoke Detector

1/14/2020 (Permalink)

Firefighter fighting fire The importance of checking your smoke detector

Everyone hears how important a working smoke detector is, but few take the time to make sure theirs is working properly. Me personally I grew up a firefighter's son so you betcha we had our smoke alarms regularly checked and we even had fire drills in our house so we know where to go and meet if something unfortunate did occur. 

You like the majority of people out there who take this small white circle on their ceiling for granted, but it has saved countless numbers of lives. I remember when I was a tween and eating breakfast one morning that I smelled something funny coming from the basement and as I turned the corner I saw a huge amount of smoke. Simultaneously as I saw this smoke our smoke detector went off and we all went outside. Luckily for us, the fire was contained inside our heater. Since this day I have never taken for granted this small circle on my ceiling, as I will always remember the fright I felt as I saw the smoke and how this beeping perhaps saved our family.

Christmas Fire Hazards

11/11/2019 (Permalink)

Christmas Time Near a Fire A relaxing Christmas time near the fire

Yup, it is almost that time of year and we all cannot wait. Spending time with the family around a nice warm fire with a glass of eggnog. The holidays are a beautiful time of year, but they can also be one of the most dangerous. All the cooking, candles, and Christmas lights can all cause quite a bit of damage if misused. So here are few ways to limit a chance of fire this Christmas season.


When cooking your wonderful meal please double check to see if something is already in the oven before turning it on. This may sound like common sense but every year we see this as a common cause of kitchen fires.

Another common fire hazard while cooking is simply leaving to do something else. We all know time is crunched on Christmas, but leaving a stove with 4 pots and a full oven on while getting ready may not be the best idea.


We (me especially) love the smell of Christmas candles. I normally have a few lit any chance I can. However one must make sure that they are not near curtains. Candles can cause a very large fire rather quickly and curtains tend to be the main culprit, at least in my experience.

Christmas lights are beautiful and thanks to LED technology they burn much less hot. Yay for technology, but they can still be a fire hazard if misused. Please always read the directions to see how many strands you can plug-in together safely.

Thanksgiving Fire Prevention

11/11/2019 (Permalink)

Turkey Dinner Turkey Dinner for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is seriously and without a doubt my favorite holiday. I cannot get enough turkey and mashed potatoes. However every year it seems more and more fires are occurring at this time of thanks and family. The number one culprit is those pesky turkey fryers. Trust me when I say I love deep-fried turkey, but there are some safety measures to take before frying your turkey.

The first and most important is having a nice open area outside to fry your turkey. Never fry it inside, and I mean NEVER. Secondly is make sure to have a fire extinguisher that is rated for oil nearby. Finally and also incredibly important, make sure your turkey is completely thawed and wiped off of any excess water. If you have any doubts that the turkey is not 100% thawed, then do not put it in the oil.